After an Explosion in a residential building in the Russian Magnitogorsk on new year’s eve morning, the number of dead continues to rise. According to the emergencies Ministry, in the meantime, 21 bodies have been recovered, 20 people are still missing. Temperatures of about minus 15 degrees to make the rescue of the Survivors more and more unlikely. The Russian investigators and the secret service, a result of the accident on a gas explosion. The ten-storey block of flats dates back to the year 1973; gas explosions occur in Russia in older buildings because of safety defects.

In social networks rumors, it could be in both cases, terrorist attacks have spread to a second Explosion in Magnitogorsk. On Tuesday there were three people in a minibus died after this one was up in flames. The Russian online portal “Znak” has published a Video in which the burning vehicle to be seen and shots are heard. It is unclear whether there is a connection. The online medium “” quoted an anonymous source from the law enforcement, in the Bus three terrorists would have been sitting, had been wanted by the police – presumably in connection with the Explosion in the house. According to the authorities of the minibus due to a leaky gas tank on fire.