Release of the ex-wife of Marc Dutroux: the anger of the families of victims


The ex-wife of Marc Dutroux will be completely free at the end of the week. On parole since August 2012, the accomplice of the Belgian killer and pedophile will indeed be a free woman at the end of the 10-year probationary period of this measure which ends this Sunday August 28 at midnight, according to a close source. of the file which is entrusted to the AFP.

In total, Michelle Martin, now 62, has served 16 of the 30 years in prison to which she was sentenced in 2004 by the Assize Court of Arlon for complicity in the crimes committed by her ex-husband, who was sentenced to life for kidnapping, torture, rape and murder. The ex-wife of Marc Dutroux was convicted of having actively participated in the kidnappings by her ex-husband of six little girls in 1995 and 1996, four of whom died.

Paul Marchal, father of An Marchal, on Facebook.

The news of his total release this Sunday is extremely difficult to bear for the parents of the victims, like Paul Marchal, the father of An Marchal, victim of Marc Dutroux, who disappeared on August 23, 1995, at only 17 years old. “It’s still difficult… Especially on a day like today. So many years ago, on August 23, An was ripped from our lives. Everything becomes even more difficult when we receive a letter from the court which says that the conditions linked to Martin’s parole are abandoned”, reacted on Facebook Paul Marchal.

In his post, the father of the victim was indignant at this court decision, insisting on the dangerousness of Michelle Martin. “If justice has decided that she no longer represents a danger to our society, if something negative happens, it will be up to justice to take its responsibilities and to politicians to react,” he said. then know.

“Even if I knew this day would come, I am outraged,” protested Jean Lambrecks, father of Eefje Lambrechts, kidnapped and murdered by Marc Dutroux. “I have already spent countless hours investigating the case. It is abundantly clear that she is guilty of much more than the official version suggests. She actively collaborated in the rapes by putting her to sleep, among other things, the victims. As she had done, for example, with two Slovak sisters whom Dutroux had supposedly invited to Belgium for a vacation,” he explained to the Belgian press agency. Belgium.

“I do not understand why the law of May 17, 2006 relating to the external legal status of detainees has not been reviewed in the light of the affair which gave rise to it. If that had been the case, we would have seen that Michelle Martin had a long criminal record even before committing these acts. This whole situation is very depressing,” added Eefje’s father, with the support of his partner Els Schreurs.

Jean-Denis Lejeune, the father of Julie, a little girl who died of hunger in the den of the pedophile, also expressed himself in a long message posted on Facebook. He denounces in particular the fact that “the sentences imposed do not correspond to the reality of the execution of the sentence”. The pedophile had already written him a 44-page letter in 2014, claiming to be the victim of a conspiracy.

At the time of her release in 2012, Michelle Martin was first welcomed into a convent, before being accommodated in the home of former judge Christian Panier in Floriffoux, near Namur. When he left, Jean-Denis Lejeune, father of Julie, one of the victims who died at the Dutroux home, felt that “Michelle Martin does not have the right to reintegrate into society”.

In 2020, however, she obtained a law degree shortly before her 60th birthday. Sudinfo journalists assure that she obtained a “bachelor” in Law at the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) in Namur, Belgium. La Meuse specifies that Michelle Martin would have used her middle name in order to escape popular condemnation to resume her studies. Since 2020, she has therefore had the right to work as a legal assistant. According to an article in La Voix du Nord in January 2020, her reintegration seems very difficult to envisage knowing that “this ex-teacher only worked for a year, in the 80s” and that she is still to this day a of the most hated women in Belgium.