Retirement is an important milestone in life and marks the end of your professional career. To pass this new stage serenely, it is recommended to get ahead and prepare your steps with a clear head. At what age is it useful to start thinking about it? From the age of 50, it can therefore be useful to begin your first scouting and to reflect on this prospect for the future. Here are all our tips to start preparing for your retirement if you are 50 years old.

Faced with the magnitude of the steps to be taken when retiring, it is normal to be lost and to ask many questions. In order to anticipate and avoid unnecessary stress when you leave, you can fully prepare in advance for this important moment in your professional life. From the age of 50, it is therefore possible to start thinking about your retirement, even if steps have already been taken from your 30s. You can therefore look for savings solutions to avoid a loss of financial autonomy that can be major during your retirement.

In order to plan your retirement with serenity, you can, first of all, develop a diversity of investments and nurture your assets. If you are concerned, a control of your retirement points is also necessary to estimate the number of points acquired. To know your personal situation, it is therefore advisable to log on to your personal space, available on the website of your supplementary pension scheme. This first analysis of your situation can give you the contours of your future retirement.

To prepare for your retirement, you can invest in a PER (Retirement Savings Plan), which offers you the possibility of building up a pension supplement. It is possible to envisage an individual PER, accessible to all, a collective PER for the employees of a company or even a mandatory PER, which can be created for these same employees. This investment is particularly recommended for the self-employed and workers with high incomes.

Life insurance is also an interesting investment to protect your savings in anticipation of your retirement. It allows you to invest and benefit from tax advantages after eight years. Thanks to it, you will be able to build capital little by little, which will be a preparation of choice for your retirement. Ultimately, it will be possible to convert this capital into a life annuity to benefit from additional income at retirement.

Real estate investments remain an excellent way to prepare for retirement. They are necessary to build up capital. At 50, this is the perfect time to embark on a real estate investment, due to reduced expenses and smaller personal mortgages. You can take advantage of the Pinel system, which allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of up to 21% of the cost price of the operation.

As part of a furnished rental or LMNP, it is also possible to invest in furnished property and offer it for rental to a professional operator. This will allow you to amortize up to 90% of the price of your investment. Finally, do not forget the SCPIs, which will offer you a qualitative heritage, easily transferable, and which will give you regular income.