Considered as a tunnel savings product, the retirement savings plan (PER) aims to capitalize sufficient savings throughout your life in order to calmly prepare for your retirement. It is therefore essential if you want to complete your future retirement pension and enjoy several years of deserved rest. However, it is possible that you may need it before your retirement following various events of daily life. What are the specific situations where you can request an early release of your PER?

There are several types of PER: the individual PER, the collective company PER and the mandatory company PER. In the case of an individual PER, there is no specific condition for opening a PER, whether related to your professional condition or your age. The management of the sums paid into the PER is thus done according to the principle of managed management. Consequently, when retirement is distant, savings can be invested in riskier and more profitable assets. The closer you get to retirement, the less risky investments this time. Your PER is directly funded by the voluntary payments you make and the sums deposited in your PER are deductible from taxable income for this year.

In some cases, it may be useful to request an unlocking of your PER. This possibility is only granted in certain specific situations. To request the release of your PER, you must provide several important documents to the organization subscribing to the PER. Among the supporting documents, it is necessary to communicate a letter of request for release, an identity document, a bank or postal identity statement for the transfer of funds or proof of the situation proving the interest of the release. A few weeks later, you can receive your funds once your application has been processed. Discover, in our slideshow, the 6 situations where you can unlock your PER before retirement.