The Belgian autoleasebedrijven reported last year, a 40 per cent reduction in income. It’s the image of the diesel, and the difficulty of tweedehandsverkoop to bring to the industry will be in trouble. That is, write The Time on Wednesday.

in The golden age of the Belgian autoleasesector seem to be slowly falling over. The five largest leasing companies, from Belgium, reported last year, the 112 million euros in operating profit, one-quarter less than that in 2017. This is evident from an analysis of the consolidated financial statements. The net held the big five for 67 million euros, a fall of almost 40 per cent compared to the previous year.

you can, However, went out of the revenues of the major players from last year, as a result, the light is growing leasemarkt. That is, the companies are not as profitable, is due in large part to the hard sell of lease cars in the second hand market. The dieselgateschandaal to Volkswagen in 2015, it declined as the popularity of diesel cars. And as a result, leasing companies are of their old diesel engines a lot less to lose than you expect.

The profits are to be comfortable with employees using a leasewagen. “In the past, were given to board members is always a nicer car for the same budget. There will be an end to it. In the era of ever-more car for less money has come to an end”, it could be that.