Second wave feared parts of Beijing because of the new Corona cases abgeriegeltAuf a large market in the Chinese capital, it came to a new Corona outbreak. Experts fear a deterioration of the food supply for the population.0 KommentareDie military police has sealed off parts of Beijing. (13. June 2020)photo: Greg Baker/AFP

for the First time in many weeks, Beijing has witnessed a major outbreak of the Coronavirus. On the big market of the Chinese capital were discovered at the beginning 500 of the Tests 45 infections. The Xinfadi market in the district of Fengtai, which supplies about 90 percent of the vegetables and fruits of the 20-million-metropolis, it was closed. In the context of eleven residential have been sealed off the quarter and nine kindergartens and primary schools closed. Around 10 000 merchants and employees of the market to be tested.

The investigators have traced the Virus to a hack Board back on the imported salmon was processed, as the head of the wholesale market, the Beijing newspaper “Beijing Qingnianbao” reported. The salmon was, again, another market for seafood. Many supermarkets in Beijing, she was subsequently imported salmon from their shelves. Whether the fish came from Norway, where a lot of salmon to China will be imported, was initially unclear.

An area of 150 football fields is set to

to be disinfected, The Xinfadi market, the largest in Beijing and has an area of 112 hectares – the equivalent of about 150 football fields. He is to be disinfected “comprehensive”. A large contingent of security forces marched in to secure the area. Other markets in Beijing were forced to close their doors for investigations. The newspaper “Global Times” quoted experts who believe that the supply of the capital with foodstuffs affected is likely to be.

From Thursday to Friday, seven a new clip-on were already with Sars-Cov-2 in Beijing, the first local infections in the capital has been reported for one and a half months. All of them had, according to “China Daily” a connection to the Xinfadi market, the investigation concentrated then. The in the first Tests, initially discovered 45 Infected, according to local media initially has no symptoms.

Because of Corona infections on the Xinfadi market, have been sealed off in Beijing, several residential district.Photo: Roman Pilipey/Keystone

The new cases have sparked fears of a second wave of the Virus in China, which has had the outbreak has so far been largely in the grip. So were tightened in Beijing immediately all safety precautions. Recently, China had reported only isolated cases of infections were mostly imported from abroad. China’s capital had already been since the beginning of the pandemic in the city of Wuhan in Central China half a year ago, particularly protected and stronger than other cities from the Rest of the country closed. The sharp security arrangements were only been a few weeks ago, eased.

The Covid-19 crisis staff of the capital, announced the screening of cargo and travelers at the port of entry intensify, in order to prevent further spread of the Virus. China awards be no more Visa to foreigners and restricted the entry of homecoming Chinese by international flights are very limited and Corona Tests, as well as 14 days quarantine required.

the Chinese soldiers wear protective masks as they March in Beijing Xinfadi market. (13. June 2020) photo: Roman Ripley/Keystone90’000 Corona-Tests per day

Beijing has 98 laboratories, which have a capacity of more than 90’000 Tests per day, reported a spokesman for the health Commission of the city of “China Daily”, according to. “It will be enough to cover the demand.” In the Eleven-million metropolis of Wuhan, where the Virus was discovered in early December for the first time, had tested the authorities in the second half of may, almost ten million people. Only 300 asymptomatic cases were discovered.

in Wuhan, a market with seafood, where the wild animals had been sold as a possible origin of the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19 suspected of the spread since then throughout the world. More than seven million infections worldwide have been counted more than 400 000 people have died.

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