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While the future of the Spanish football league clears, with the announcement of his return in the week of the 8th of June, the tennis will remain standing at least until the month of August by the impact of the pandemic coronavirus. After many weeks of break, some players like Rafa Nadal have begun to work in the last hours or days, but others such as Roger Federer still have not decided to take that step.

The veteran swiss player was recognized, along a videoconference with the extenista Gustavo Kuerten , with the tournament still far not found the motivation to resume training.

“The truth is that I’m not training, because, to be honest, I don’t see a reason to do so right now . I’m fine physically and I think it will be a long time until we compete. It is important for me to take a good rest now, don’t miss so much tennis , although when we are close to return and have a goal to train, I’ll be super-motivated,” explained Federer.

“Since I had an operation in 2016, had not spent five weeks in a row at home.

it Has been a great time for the whole family , we have been fortunate to be healthy and that our family and friends are well. Sometimes we become crazy by being so much time together at home, but that is normal,” he added.

“I Hope I never play without an audience”

The ex número 1 in the world referred to the possible return of the competition, in which could be played without an audience: “I can’t imagine competing in an empty stadium, don’t get it and I hope that it does not happen never. As much as when we train people not, compete is very different. It is clear that the possibility is feasible, but I think we should wait for the appropriate time to return in the best conditions, with at least a third of the stadium full or half of the inning. It would be very difficult for me to play big tournaments behind closed doors,” he explained.