PICTURES. Who is Indira Ampiot, elected Miss France 2023?


France has just elected its new beauty queen. On December 17, 2022, 30 candidates were in competition to win the coveted crown of Miss France 2023. For the occasion, the jury was made up of actors Francis Huster and Arnaud Ducret alongside singer Kendji Girac but also the former Miss, Marine Orphan. A ceremony which was presented for the last time by Sylvie Tellier who, moved, bowed out in favor of Cindy Fabre, under the direction of Alexia Laroche-Joubert, who became president of the Miss France committee.

This 93rd ceremony was placed under the sign of cinema. During the evening, the regional Misses paraded through various tables devoted to several films including Titanic, Rocketman, Harry Potter, Avengers or James Bond.

It was finally the sublime Miss Guadeloupe, named Indira Ampiot, who won the title of beauty queen against Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The young woman, aged 18, has just graduated with honors. In an interview with The Link Fwi, the new Miss France spoke about her career. “So, before my election, I was finishing my year of Terminale. I passed my Baccalaureate which I obtained with honors”, she had declared and added: “Subsequently, I applied to several schools of communication and I was also accepted in a school of communication in mainland France to specialize in visual and advertising communication in order to become Artistic Director”.

It is not the first time that she is confronted with the beauty pageant since her mother participated in the election in 1988. “The pageant is something that has always attracted me since my mother participated in this election in 1998 where she was elected first runner-up of Miss Guadeloupe after having been Miss Basse-Terre, so I grew up in this world“, she continued. On the occasion of her coronation, Planet invites you to discover the photos of Indira Ampiot on Instagram.