A discreet actress about her private life. After 30 years of career, Barbara Schulz delivers rare personal secrets to the media. Revealed to the general public in 1993, she has distinguished herself in roles in cinema, television and theatre, delivering her emotions with each interpretation.

However, the 50-year-old admits to having suppressed her cheerful personality over the course of her career. “I didn’t like journalists describing me as ‘sparkling’ or ‘solar’ because I felt that was synonymous with naivety, candor and recklessness, when I only dreamed of ‘to be mysterious and terribly woman’, she explains to Version Femina in April 2022, before assuming it. “It’s in my personality: some get up sulking; me, barely awake, I get excited – the men in my life have not always supported it, by the way”.

Among her media relations, Barbara Schulz would have frequented the French director James L. Frachon. If the French actress has never spoken publicly about this union, she was then in a relationship with the advertiser Romain Hatchuel. In February 2005, they welcomed their daughter Minnie before getting married in June of the same year, and continuing the festivities at the Hôtel du Crillon in Paris for their wedding dinner. In 2011, they welcomed their son Jérémy.

If the couple has put an end to their union for a few years, the actress who appeared in I3P and The Replacement is devoted in her role as a mother to her offspring. “I have my children every other week, so I only feel guilty every 15 days”, according to comments quoted by Purepeople. “And when they are with me, they are the ones I prefer. You just have to have the right priorities and organize yourself well. On that, I defend myself well…”.

Since her divorce, Barbara Schulz has found love with actor Arié Elmaleh, the younger brother of Gad Elmaleh. The couple of stars, seen together in Mysteries on the lake, do not hesitate to deliver anecdotes about their life as a couple. “We do not live together, we happen to be together in life, but we are for separate apartments. It is not possible otherwise”, she confided in particular in C to You in 2020.

Like all couples, the two actors have gone through ups and downs in their relationship. Like their separation, a few years ago, as Arié Elmaleh mentioned in front of Jordan De Luxe, according to Closer. “We separated because we played a play for two years, which was called La Perruche. It was both brilliant, but complicated to play the story of a breakup in love while being in a relationship. -even. We separated, it was very painful, but we got back together”. Today, the couple does not hesitate to share rare photos on Instagram.