Oklahoma State sinks No. 12 Texas Tech hopes to win the Big 12 title


Oklahoma State saved a great ending from what could’ve been a throwaway year.

With 19.4 seconds remaining, Bryce Thompson hit a decisive 3-pointer and Oklahoma State defeated No. 12 Texas Tech beat No. 51 Oklahoma State 52-51 on Saturday to eliminate the Red Raiders out of the Big 12 title race.

Terrence Shannon missed a jumper that was closely contested by Oklahoma State’s TyreekSmith just before the buzzer. The Cowboys (15-15-8-10) celebrated their season finale win with a victory. Because of violations to NCAA rules, Oklahoma State was barred from playing in postseason play.

Thompson stated that Thompson felt like they had done everything possible. “That was a great team that we just played. It was huge to win in this fashion, to fight and finish it off for our seniors.

To tie for the Big 12 lead, the Red Raiders (23-28, 12-6) had to win and lose by Baylor and Kansas. However, they shot 35.2%, and were extra cold in the final minutes.

Tech coach Mark Adams stated that “we just couldn’t score”. “I sincerely apologize to the team. “I couldn’t get them to do anything that looked like it would work.”

Texas Tech’s Kevin Obanor was the leading scorer with 16 points and 10 assists. Bryson Williams scored 13 points, before fouling out in overtime. Williams, Tech’s top scorer for the season, was not in the final sequence.

Rondel Walker was the Cowboys’ leading scorer with 12 points. Thompson had 11.

Texas Tech led 27-25 with Obanor’s reverse layup just 15 seconds before halftime. Thompson’s jumper, with just four seconds left before halftime tied the score at 27. In the first half, neither team led by more six. Six times the game was tied and there were three lead changes.

Obanor’s 3-pointer put the Red Raiders ahead by 10 at halftime.

Oklahoma State responded with a roar. Tech was reduced to 49-46 by a block by MoussaCisse. Thompson’s fast-break dunk cut Tech’s lead.

The Cowboys missed seven of their next seven shots. Tech held on to 49 points until Walker scored. Walker was fouled on a putback in 51.5 seconds. To tie the game at 49, he made the free throw.

Tech missed 10 consecutive shots, before Davion Warren’s tip-in with 28.3 seconds left put the Red Raiders back ahead. This set up the wild finale.

The Cowboys were left wondering what they could have done this season with a bid for the postseason.

Isaac Likekele, Oklahoma State’s guard, stated that “Defensively I believe we are the most successful team in this league.” It looks beautiful basketball offensively when we stay focused, execute well, and get into the right mindset.


Texas Tech: Texas Tech’s Red Raiders were unbeaten at home, but struggled elsewhere. They were 3-6 at home and 5-8 on the road. This is not a good sign going into the postseason.

Oklahoma State: The Cowboys won four of seven final games despite the ban in the postseason. Despite shooting only 32.8%, they beat the Red Raiders.


Likekele still has one year of eligibility. The 6-foot-5 guard scored over 1,000 points at Oklahoma State, and was a defensive anchor.

He isn’t sure when or if he will decide to return next year.

He said, “Honestly, I don’t know.” It could take two days, or it could take two months. Right now, I am trying to relax, see my family, and just chill out with my coworkers. “I’ll handle all that stuff when it comes.”


Cisse, a 7-foot forward, scored four points for Oklahoma State. He also had 10 rebounds as well as five blocks.

He was also responsible for securing the inbound pass during the final play. Tech was unable to score due to his presence.

Thompson stated, “Yeah we were just kinda suffocating.” “It was hard for them to get the ball in because we had Moussa on it. We were able make them do it.


Texas Tech: Texas Tech will be the No. 3 seed in the Big 12 tournament

Oklahoma State: It’s over.