New fuel allowance: who will be entitled to it?


A new boost at the pump. State and TotalEnergies aid for refueling has dropped in recent weeks, automatically increasing the bill for the French. Bad news that had fewer consequences than some specialists thought, since prices at service stations did not increase as much as was feared when these aids were reduced. As a reminder, the 10-cent rebate on gasoline currently in place will end on December 31 and will not be renewed.

So is this the end of government aid? Not completely, because the device currently in place will be replaced by another. The Minister of Action and Public Accounts Gabriel Attal explained on BFTMV what this new allowance would consist of, called that of “big rollers” and especially to whom it would apply. This discount is intended to be more targeted: “There will be income conditions. The objective is to reach the most modest and the middle class, therefore above the minimum wage. The median income is now around 2000 euros, we have to go as far as possible”.

Initially, the government of Elisabeth Borne intended to include the five deciles of the salary scale but, according to information from the television channel, the sixth decile could also be included in the beneficiaries of this new state aid. To be able to benefit from it, you will have to declare your income, but also a professional activity, in order to prove that you are a “big wheeler”. For the time being, we do not really know what is hidden behind this expression and details must be provided by Matignon on this subject. BFMTV evokes the French traveling 30 kilometers to get to their place of work or 12,000 kilometers per year.