This Tuesday, May 2, 2023, a new recall concerning sheep’s milk yogurts was posted on the Rappel Conso site. These products have been removed from your supermarket shelves due to the discovery of metallic foreign bodies. These sheep’s milk yoghurts were marketed in different forms.

The recall procedure for these products marketed until March 30 and until April 4 follows the discovery of foreign bodies of the metallic type. Following this discovery, consumers are therefore advised not to ingest this food or use it in any form.

If you have ever consumed this product, you may be subject to the risk of injury or various adverse effects following its ingestion. If you are concerned by these effects, do not hesitate to contact your doctor in order to consult as soon as possible, without forgetting to mention this risky consumption.

Only one supermarket is included in this recall procedure. This is the organic brand Biocoop. This brand is a cooperative company, specialized in the commercial distribution of food products labeled Organic Agriculture (AB), Bio Cohérence, Demeter, etc. The brand also has cosmetic products or eco-products, in other words a product whose life cycle takes place with respect for the environment.

Unfortunately, the organic food industry faces many challenges. Indeed, some brands in the area have been forced to close their doors like the Biocoop stores, as explained by 20 Minutes. The year 2022 will have been a complicated year in the sector and the brand suffered a decline of 7 to 10% in its turnover in 2022.

Consumers who have purchased these yoghurts are advised not to eat them. To find out about the different reimbursement methods, simply call one of the following two numbers (the one concerning your product): 0561692066 or 0800807102. You are strongly advised to contact us before the reimbursement procedure begins. recall ends either Wednesday, May 10 or Wednesday, May 17, 2023, again depending on the product. You can also go to the Biocoop supermarket where you purchased this product to get a refund. The most common reimbursement formulas are in the form of vouchers or discounts on your customer card, if you have one.

If you are concerned by this procedure, discover below the various information about the products being subject to this recall procedure.