Levrat-succession – Mathias Reynard wants. instead of party leader is now the Council of state of Valais, national councillor Mathias Reynard takes himself out of the race for the SP-Bureau”I would like to give back to my Canton to do something,” he explains of his decision.”My heart and my courage are here,” Mathias Reynard intends to not more Levrat-successor to be.Keystone/Alessandro della Valle

SP-national councillor Mathias Reynard (VS) no longer wants to be a candidate for the successor to the outgoing SP-party President Christian Levrat. This is the politician announced this in an Interview with the newspaper Le Nouvelliste on Monday.

His heart is torn between the Valais cantonal Parliament and of the HP-presidency back and forth, he said. He wanted to be is now a candidate for the Valais state Council, and renounce, therefore, to apply to the high office of the PS, it was called.

“My heart and my courage are here,” said Reynard continued in the Interview. “I would like to give back to my Canton and its inhabitants, what you have enabled me so far,” said the SP-politician told the newspaper.