Pension reform: the departure timetable if you were born after 1960


Work three more years. The pension reform is gradually being revealed before the major government announcements, scheduled for mid-December. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled part of her game on Friday December 2 in a long interview with Le Parisien, referring in turn to the new legal starting age, special diets and the employment of seniors.

Like Emmanuel Macron, the tenant of Matignon displays her firmness on this text which she is preparing to defend, recalling the “need to carry out this reform”: “The figures are there, they are relentless. We have a deficit which will exceed the 12 billion euros in 2027 and will continue to grow if we do nothing”. With the Ile-de-France daily, she adds: “We must gradually work longer. It is also essential to protect the purchasing power of retirees”.

So, 63 years old, 64 years old or 65 years old? On this subject, Elisabeth Borne recalls that “the gradual postponement of the retirement age from 62 to 65 by 2031 is what makes it possible to bring the system back to equilibrium within ten years” . The consultations on this subject having started on Thursday, December 1, another way is always possible, but remains unlikely. The Matignon tenant specifies that “the reform will apply from 2023, therefore from the generation born in the second half of 1961. Please note: this is not to say that overnight we go from 62 to 64 or 65. The people concerned, born in 1961, will work a few months longer before they can reach the legal retirement age”.

Emmanuel Macron had mentioned a progression of a few months, depending on the years but, as Elisabeth Borne explains to Le Parisien, “the rhythms of evolution, the terminals are part of the discussions”, recalling that “one thing is certain, it will be progressive”. If the scenario mentioned in recent months comes true, then the French people concerned could have to work four additional months per year of birth, until this limit is reached. If the new legal age is set at 65, how many more months will you have to work? Check it out below.