Boiled, scrambled or fried… There are many ways to cook eggs. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of this food while varying the pleasures. Also and in general, eggs are very useful for all kinds of recipes.

Whether in quiches, cakes or pancakes, this ingredient is essential so it is important to always have it in your kitchen. Alas, if this food generally keeps easily and for a long time, it can unfortunately also be subject to a recall procedure. Thus, it is important to stay on the lookout because in some cases your eggs may be contaminated.

This is now the case for several batches of eggs which must be returned to stores following the detection of a risk of the presence of Salmonella, the bacterium responsible for the development of salmonellosis, a now well-known food poisoning. .

If several products are affected by this recall procedure, only two brands are involved. These include Eggs from our regions, distributed in E. Leclerc stores throughout France. They were marketed there from 05/30/2022 to 06/24/2022.

The other brand concerned is De la Baudrière. The products potentially contaminated with Salmonella were sold in the G20 store in Courville-sur-Eure, in the department of Eure-et-Loir, between 24/05/2022 and 10/06/2022.

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