Who wants to join as a young person into the Stalking business, it’s usually significantly easier than it was even a few years ago. With public profiles in the Social networks a lot of potential victims already take off half of the work, a load to the digital everyday accompaniment, “#authentic”, ideally with enabled location services, which allow digital Live Track from the Sofa.

Thus, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), which do not attract with their excessive Instagram-presence only Followers who want to come through the supposedly glamorous life of the well-heeled hipster scene in Brooklyn, but also, unfortunately, a violent psychopath ready. As such, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) would call themselves, of course, never, and in fact, he comes across initially as the epitome of the hero of a romantic Comedy from the nineties. Fascinated by the beautiful customer he stands behind the counter of a small bookstore, which he leads, his dark gray apron is in harmony with the earth-toned interior of the of the time fallen the business. In a charming Voice-Over, he leaves the audience in his observations, together spins, on the basis of small Details, a picture of his dream wife, this has to do with the reality as much as it is through rose-colored glasses judgments is common. The two twentysomethings finally get to talk, joke, smile, flirt.

As Guinevere, called “Beck”, to stretch a high row of Shelves, switches Joes Off-Text all of a sudden the topic: “You’re not wearing a bra… and you want me to notice! If this were a movie, I would attack you now, and we’d come here between the piles of Books to the point“. During the audience the feeling solidified that Joe’s a nice facade, abysses open up, suspect Guinevere Beck of nothing. You miss him in the dark corners of the Bars, where she meets her rich Friends, don’t miss the underwear that he steals out of your apartment, no thoughts about who could hang in front of your window, if your lovers is to visit. In Joe’s Plan to conquer Beck, of course, at the top of the hit list and the arousing of sympathy. Since “Benji” (Lou Taylor Pucci), a private school pupil, motivation, phrase-mongers, and the founder of a soda water manufactory, exceeds that of the Stalker in terms of unaussteh the rule of law, and is thus in good company.

On the edge of the Overload

Beck’s Friends are superficial, ignorant and scheming, Peaches (Shay Mitchell), who shows an interest in Guinevere, which also acts for a close friendship to intimate. And Guinevere is not suitable as a sympathy winner, she has skeletons in the closet. Though not literally, as some of the others in the adaptation of the eponymous novel by the American author Caroline Kepnes.