In December 2006, Jürgen Klopp needed a cover. “It was Christmas break, we had eleven points and were Last in the table,” he said later. “I haven’t felt good, but I needed a bit of help and I’m out. No one has seen me because I was wearing a mask, and It was Santa Claus.“

Twelve years after this move by the municipality of the Bundesliga relegation with Mainz 05 followed, no longer have to dress up Klopp as Santa Claus. In the part of Liverpool, in the wearing all year Red, it was going to happen. And sees in him the man who should redeem the for 29 seasons, every year, votes, wishlist, soon, finally. Only a word: championship. From Santa Claus Santa Klopp.

Instead of the eleven points, which he had with Mainz, he is now halfway through the Season with the “Reds” to 51. Six more than the Second, Tottenham. It is the best first round that has ever done a German Trainer in one of the big European leagues (and Thomas Tuchel at Paris St-Germain could exceed, with far less competition, yet). The most amazing thing is that Liverpool has never lost a game, is not the number of points, and not even the only seven goals against. The most amazing performance to win all 15 games against the Teams ranked 6 to 20. In any weather, on any ground, against any hardness. This consistency against the so-called “Small” is the master power.