Since the beginning of 2023, many products have been subject to recalls. Reminder Conso, responsible for relaying products considered non-compliant by the brands, presents these recalled for all existing shelves in supermarkets and other businesses. On June 20, 2023, five cheeses were the subject of a file while other varieties were already recalled the day before. But, how much of the recalled products is cheese?

According to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, 1,259 products have been pinned since the start of 2023. In June, 170 foodstuffs are concerned. The category most affected by these types of recalls is food. In addition, the family of products with the most recalled corresponds to that of milk and other dairy products such as cheese. In 2023, there are 198 products in this category that are the subject of an alert. In the month of June, 31 foodstuffs are pinned. The majority correspond to recalls of cheeses.

On June 20, 2023, five different cheeses are the subject of a sheet. Several tommes de brebis are concerned. Indeed, we find the Alta-cima 2B brand Monta sheep cheese which was marketed from March 1 to May 31, 2023. The batches concerned are as follows: 348,349,010,060,066.

The Monta sheep’s tommette from the same brand is also concerned. The pinned GTIN is: 262232400. The impacted lots are: 002,353,131. The latter was marketed until June 1, 2023. The sheep’s/goat’s tommette of the same brand is also pinned. The GTIN is: 244761800. The affected lots are: 024,020,027,054.

Finally, U Capraltu goat cheese of the same brand is the subject of a recall sheet. The GTIN is: 262234400. The affected lots are: 104,093,109,124,117.

But another brand is affected by a recall. This is Lidl’s cheesemonger’s selection. Batches of “Le Ghisoni” sheep’s cheese are recalled. These were marketed between May 17 and June 12, 2023. The lots concerned are: 001332949, 001333025, 001333272, 001332705, 001333338, 001334205, 001334244, 001334465, 0013 34500, 001334505, 001334514.