Mathieu van der Poel rode on Thursday, his first competition since the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in harrogate in Yorkshire, where he had a breakdown, got into the final round. The Dutchman showed that he is up to three times in the Münsterland Giro (1.BC), it was the best I can do on one of the hills on the course. It was in the German rain and finally a bunch sprint and there was a Young Hodeg from Deceuninck-a Quick Step to the most of a fine race. Merlier was third behind Pascal Ackermann.

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Maurits Lammertink, the Purpose of Hollmann, Marc, Claus, Lars, Kulbe, and Brian van drew up the first flight of the day, which can be up to 6:15, it was the end of it, where the sprintersploegen the command is carried out. Snow in Germany, too, but that did not prevent Mathieu van der Poel, and after his unsuccessful world CHAMPIONSHIP decided, however, to make the jump to go the 77 miles from the finish line.

now, Without any success, as the squad handed to him, barely any space, however, the suspension of the front-runners quickly. Van der Poel, who have applied for the testevent and bike riding in Tokyo for the Olympic Games, and decided to get back to Germany, but not fast enough to be in the squad, and a 53-km, he decided to further his chances. Once again, the press doesn’t matter much, and the escapees have been swallowed up by the peloton. After that episode, Nill Politt, an attempt was also without success, the case of Brian Van looked like a good turn out. The Dutch rider from team Lotto Soudal, is also involved in the appearance of the building, seemed to stand, but the final kilometer was too much.

There would have to be a sprint to. Van der Poel, did not himself have a chance to go and drove off to teammate Tim Merlier. Jumbo-Visma had a change of plans because of Dylan Groenewegen of a flat tire in the last half mile or so. The sprint was disrupted by a crash in the men’s Deceuninck-Quick-Step, but Hodeg remained intact. When he got to the cup, and gave it no more, which is good for the 59th victory for the team of Patrick Lefevere.

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Ackerman was known in the neighborhood, but it ended up in a half-wheel. Merlier was a good-looking third-party. Van der Poel came out a little later on in the race. He was just in a crash, to avoid the wet road due to the cases of Florian Sénéchal to avoid it.

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1. Young Hodeg (Col/Deceuninck-Quick-Step) in the 4u26:39).

2. Pascal Ackermann (Ger) s.etc.

3. Tim Merlier.

4. Fernando Gaviria (Col); 5. Max Walscheid (Germany); 6. Mike Teunissen (The Netherlands); 7. Christophe Noppe, 8 And. Piet Allegaert; 9. Roy, John; 10. Niccolo Bonifazio (Ita)

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