The American President Donald Trump has threatened a closure of the border to Mexico, it should continue to be denied the money for the construction of a wall. On Friday, he wrote on Twitter: “We will be forced to close the southern border completely, if the destructive Democrats give the money for the completion of the wall.”

He added that the border closure was a “profitable Operation”. America will lose due to trade with Mexico $ 75 billion in the year. The United States would have to return to the Status before the free trade agreement with Mexico, the Nafta agreement, wrote Trump on Twitter. “Either we build a wall or closing the border.”

trump’s threat to close the border to Mexico, however, is not new. In October, he called on the Mexican government, for example, prevention of illegal Migration. You can’t keep up the demand, he would close the border, he announced at the time. At this time, a group of migrants from Central America to America. Trump wrote on Twitter that he was going to tie the aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, because, once again, a group of migrants could have on the way to America. These countries have exploited the “America for years.”

Currently, Democrats and Republicans quarrel over the American household. In doing so, trump’s billion-demand for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. The opposition Democrats are opposed to the construction of such a wall strictly, which has already led to a stoppage of the business of government, to the so-called Shutdown. This means that the authorities are only opened partially and officials will not be paid for their work.