Ghent –

If the N-VA will be surprised at the plea from The lord mayor, Mathias De Clercq Open Vld) at federal level, a blue-green coalition on its own two feet. “It is a fact that there are Open-VLD-highlights in the story of the socialist party would contribute to”, says a Member of parliament and to The council member Anneleen Van Bossuyt.

In an op-ed piece to put De Clercq is on Thursday against party members “who continue to believe that there is no other option, and that is, the N-VA, must have the government do it”. Instead of a black-yellow coalition would prefer that he be purple or green. “Don’t need it, but out of conviction.”

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As a government with the liberal democrats, the socialists and the greens, it would mean that the N-VA, on the oppositiebanken end up as the socialist party, with twenty seats to the largest coalition partner, it would have been. The Flemish nationalists will be surprised to have responded to the initiative of De Clercq.

“It is clear, that we tremble for the planning of the socialist party,” says Anneleen Van Bossuyt. “She wants to be the Flemish, the billions paid to her constituents and to serve, as well as businesses in hard times, though more difficult, is likely to be made. In addition, the PS has a policy that is lax in terms of safety, security, and migration. It is a fact that there are Open-VLD-top performers are in the story and wanting to contribute.”

“I can hold my breath”

the Van Bossuyt is not simply the policies of a black-green coalition, similar to that used in the Gent’s leg has been established. “If I am, De Clercq, on the radio, hear the saying that ‘the Gent you want, but at the same time, to see what action there is, in Ghent, is to be taken As to the federal, the same direction as it would go, then I hold my breath.” Van Bossuyt accuses the team of De Clercq, inter alia, “the promotion of the native language in the classroom,” and, in the absence of a requirement of “neutrality at the contact points.

for example, If the Open VLD, and, possibly, also the CD&V, which is the N-VA in the Flemish government, and in the purple, green, and the project would be the steps, “then that’s their responsibility,” says Bossuyt. “The informateur, Paul Magnette, to be able to do what he sees fit, he can make a move.”

for More on the Federal government, Purple, green argues, explains division within the Open-VLD subject: this is in the right, left or anything? Paul Magnette will stop temporarily, as mayor of the city of Charleroi, “The aversion to the N-VA, it is a prominent member of the Open VLD and CD&V) is the same as the holy terror, make” Mathias De Clercq Open VLD) is breaking party line and argues, first, purple, and green: “remaining Silent is not an option”