the American woman knows how to get the attention of the viewers it can attract. In a video that recently social media, has appeared, it can be seen how with a hidden camera in her bra, people are shooting, who secretly to her breasts look. A nice little movie that will, of course, a lot of attention has benefits, but also an important message to communicate to us about women screening for breast cancer.

in the United States, found that the condition of many women. A staggering one in eight women in the fight against breast cancer. One of them was the mother of the main character, Whitney, who is in the battle won. It took her more than ever, to realize that women had better to regularly checked by the leisure campagnevideo as a result. Also, her older brother’s best friend worked on the video.

The comments from the audience are full of praise. “It is a very nice way to make people aware of the disease!”, it sounds like it. The trio are on their first date. They were made in 2014, has already made a similar video about prostate cancer, which has grown to more than 14 million times and is being addressed.

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