Confidence of the Americans is fading Corona and protests Trumps press survey value long enjoyed by the U.S. President much support in the population. But now, the tables have turned.Yannick Wiget, Mathias Lutz0 comment is currently fighting on all fronts in the face of resistance: U.S. President Donald Trump.Photo: Keystone

it All looked so good for Donald Trump. To grumbled the beginning of the year, the US economy, and the President was able to present himself as a strong man at the head of his resurgent country. In mid-January, he announced the end of the trade war with China. And, at the latest, in February, as the Impeachment process was set against him, seemed to Trump untouchable.

In the polls section of the much-chided President suddenly so good since taking office, not more. At the end of March, half of the American population was almost behind him – but since then, the mood is tilted fully, as a summary of all the major opinion polls by the data journalists of “Five Thirty Eight” shows.

surveys are always with delay, how the population responds to political Decisions. In March, Trump dismissed the new Coronavirus considered to be harmless and are reluctant to the measures initiated, increased his consent. After the United States on the 26. March on most of the Corona cases recorded in the world, tipped but the public opinion. In April the downward trend.

this is currently using the protests after the violent death of the Black George Floyd will be Strengthened. Since two weeks, people against racism and police violence go across the country on the road. In part, it came to looting and violence. Trump then threatened military action against the demonstrators to use. This is not the case of most of the Americans and Americans, apparently, is good.

the soul of The people cooking: A demonstrator in New York calls on macabre kind of way the head of the President.Photo: Reuters

trump’s Approval ratings have slumped to 41 percent, and could fall, in view of the ongoing protests in the country continue. Especially party and independent voters are likely to return to the U.S. President on the back. Ensure this is long, but rather that the return of crumbling support in the own party.

a Long time, the Republicans were United behind Trump. Now, more and more cracks open up. Several prominent party members to turn away from Trump. For instance, former President George W. Bush has not announced plans to support trump’s re-election in November. The former Secretary of state Colin Powell will want to choose the democratic rival Joe Biden. Also active politicians from its own ranks such as Senator Lisa Murkowski and her counterpart, Mitt Romney criticize Trumps action in the last few months.

If the US President receives in spite of all the negative developments, a second term, depends on the circuit, but of the economic development. And it is not ordered right now. Over 40 million Americans have lost since the outbreak of the Corona, with the crisis in their Jobs. The unemployment rate has reached a historic high.

Still, four out of ten Americans support their President. But the Trend is pointing downwards. Trump wants to be re-elected, he must win the lost confidence back. Because of the views of other presidencies shows that the survey values are taken seriously. The last incumbent, who enjoyed four years on, less than 50 percent approval, was Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) – he missed the re-election significantly.

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