Carey Price was touched by his encounter with a toddler at the Montreal Children’s Hospital on Wednesday.

The Canadian goalkeeper posted a photo on Instagram of him and his wife, Angela, alongside an Argentinian couple visiting Canada whose son, Augusto, has fallen seriously ill in the past few days.

“I don’t ask that often or unnecessarily. We met Augusto at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Price writes. The family is desperate to return to Argentina to resume medical treatment. Please consider lending a hand. »

The web link shared by the cerberus leads to the fundraising campaign launched by the family on the Go Fund Me platform. We learn that the trio arrived in Canada for the work of the dad a few days ago, but that the toddler has started to get bad.

In a text written in “I” as if Augusto were the author, the parents explain that the doctors still do not know what afflicts their son.

“My parents’ insurance can’t cover the cost of my care here, and our hospital bill keeps going up,” it says. I ask for your help, so that I can return to Argentina safely and receive the medical care I need. »