In Florida, it came a shocking image of an agent, to Willard Miller, who has a 15-year-old girl by the throat and throwing it away. The events that took place in a school for children with special needs. However, it is not clear whether the girl was a pupil at the school. In the pictures you can see how the cop it in the throat, on the ground, it violently back and lifted her out of the room, pushing. What is the motive of the agent, it is not entirely clear, but it is an extra agent to be doing this, you will most likely have a trigger has been. “The one thing that would have happened, or what dialogue there is has to be played between the two of them, doesn’t matter to me,” said the Sheriff, Gregory, Tony, later. “It doesn’t make sense, and it was not necessary.” The agent, after the release of the images have been condemned to child abuse without bodily harm, which is a derdegraadsmidrijf it is.

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