CF Montreal head coach Hernan Losada has acknowledged that the team’s long break before their next game in addition to the current international game period is timely.

“We’re going to work on everything, both physically and mentally,” the head coach said after Wednesday’s practice at Olympic Stadium. I think the three days off did the players good after the last trip. It was necessary. »

Losada noted that this training helped fine-tune offensive and defensive aspects of the game system.

“It gave us the opportunity to work on our basics,” Losada said. Obviously, this break is always best taken after a victory, too. »

The long break also allows injured players to recuperate and possibly be at 100% by the game in Vancouver against the Whitecaps on April 1. This is the case, among others, of Lassi Lappalainen and Kamal Miller.

Losada said Miller didn’t play 100 percent in his last game, and that the team took a risk in playing him that way.

He took the opportunity to apologize to journalists to whom he had told last week that the Canadian defender would certainly be absent against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday, when he finally participated in the meeting.

“I want to publicly apologize,” Losada said. A week ago on Wednesday when we were here it was impossible for him to play, but the progress of his healing has been incredible in a day or two. He then wanted to play, but it was not the best idea and our goal was not to lie to you or give you false information at this time. »

In addition to a workforce that could count on the return of players to its next match, CF has also added defender Gabriele Corbo to its training. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Losada juggle the position of their defenders over the next few games.

“It’s not impossible to employ Lassi anywhere other than on the left,” Losada said. It’s always easier if you play on the side of your strong foot. He can play both sides, but it also depends on the opponent and their tactics. »

Losada praised Mathieu Choiniere’s recent performances after the CF game on Saturday. The midfielder plays an important role in the club’s offensive transition, and he seems to be making his place more and more within the Montreal team.

Losada explained that one aspect of Choinière’s game not to be underestimated is his running off the ball.

“Players running into defensive territory, it’s very difficult to defend,” Losada said. He is physically fit and can play anywhere on the pitch, while helping offensively and defensively. It gives us a lot. In addition, he is an Academy player and from here. »

Choinière said he was happy to hear his coach talk about him like this. He adds that this gives him an additional source of motivation.

“It’s fun,” Choinière said. I see that he trusts me. However, I cannot stop there. I have to perform in every game. »

The midfielder doesn’t necessarily see his role as different than in other seasons. He just wants to do what is expected of him, regardless of position on the pitch.

Choinière is not the only Quebecer on the team. Also, he is starting to be a household name among fans. For him, making his place in the team and becoming a leader in the locker room comes naturally.

“I think it shows,” Choinière said. You feel it in a match when you can bring something to it. You try to give your energy to the other players and lift your teammates. »