The fast-growing Belgian group of Medical Market, and is active in the sectors of pharma, and parafarma, and established himself, after Italy and now in France. The company will open the first sales outlet in Roncq, in the shopping centre air conditioning, close to the border with Belgium. Notification to Medi-Market, on Tuesday, in a press release.

“The market is much more mature than the Belgian one,” says the founder, Yvan Verougstraete. “In order to be able to cope with the local players, we will, ourselves, continue to improve. This is all the more important, because we are convinced that we have the on-line evolution of the distribution, on a European level review. The national repositories and will no longer be relevant.”

the Medical Market was created in 2014 and it will be the end of this year, 42 parafarmacieën, 17 dispensaries, and 4 to beauty salons to count, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The group also has two websites have been set up: the The company has over 550 employees and a sales of around 135 million euros.