The Spanish influencer, Sandra Kisterna, has quite a bit of uproar caused by a video on her Instagram account. In the video, the twerkt of the model and in the burning streets of Barcelona, spain. That’s where, at that time, indeed, the riots were being carried on against the person has been sentenced to prison sentences of nine separatist leaders from the border with france. According to the Kisterna, it is the sexual dance of its approach, in order to protest”, while others see it primarily as a way to get easy publicity.

The images on Instagram are already more than 400,000 times and has seen, caused immediately a lot of controversy in Spain. The violent protests in spain now for almost a week on the course, during which 182 people were injured. Nevertheless, it could be that the influencer does not matter to her danskwaliteiten over to pick it up.

Despite the criticism, refuses to Kisterna to take the images offline. “I’m well aware of the fact that it will not all be able to handle it,” said the young woman. For the defence, claiming she is on her freedom of speech and expression. “There are people out there who are taking to the streets and engage in violence. This is why I am not a part of it. What I was in last night and saw it in Barcelona, it was a terrible thing.”

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