Retirement: 5 tips for keeping in touch with former colleagues


It is a test. Retirement which, for many former workers, sometimes represents a relief… is also a transition. An often difficult transition, since the cessation of activity does not only signify the end of work: it can also lead to the slowdown, if not the death, of all or part of one’s social life. Faced with this state of affairs, on which the specialized site Passeport Santé focuses in particular, it is essential to keep a certain number of connections. With family and friends, of course… but also, why not, with your former colleagues? After all, you have potentially rubbed shoulders with them for years… More information on this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

Any retirement is likely to lead to a loss of self-confidence, but also the abandonment of personal aspirations or even the renunciation of certain projects, certain desires. It can, then, lead to idleness.

To avoid this, it is necessary to be very careful at the time of departure. Do not get into everything and anything, says Passeport Santé and try to “begin the creation of the second chapter” of life. This happens, according to our colleagues, through openness, availability and time to oneself. And William Bridges, an American consultant specializing in personal development, mentions some of the possible activities: “arranging time for solitude, writing a notebook in which to note the experiences of the in-between, writing one’s life story, the identification of what one really wants (and not what one needs), one’s own initiatory journey”.