the paper megabeurswaarde of WeWork before it is repealed the stock market debut of the service provider kantoorwerkruimtes, it is still only a fraction of about. Analysts expected the ipo to have a valuation of around 47 billion us dollars. A plan to prevent the company from tipping over after the disastrous stale attempt at the stock market to appreciate, WeWork is now at a maximum of 8 billion dollars.

as an Investor of the first hour, they turned according to media reports, close to a plan to get the debt up to the value of $ 5 billion to the fund. In addition, it is also been used for the purchase of a larger share of WeWork, which is the Japanese company’s majority shareholder, would have to be. WeWork does not want to respond to it.

The board of directors of the WeWork is reportedly on Tuesday met to discuss the options available. In addition to the proposal by SoftBank would make the Us bank JPMorgan Chase, along with a proposal to work on.

President in a speech.

Adam’s Construction. Photo: AP

up Until a few months ago, it was in the company of a groeibriljant. Then, when the company had an initial public offering plan, were to investors figure out that the company does not have a clear path to profitability to be had. Was also chief executive, Adam Neuman, in time, because he has his family in key positions, gave to a private company in real estate and bought that, then at WeWork be sold, and the loans themselves have provided.

Just in time for the planned initial public offering, decreased to the fair market value of the start-up time of up to 12 to to $ 10 billion. The stock market debut, under pressure from the Japanese major shareholder Softbank for an indefinite period of time is suspended.

Neumann stepped in by now as the chief executive officer.

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