Meat recall: the list of supermarkets concerned


Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella… The reasons behind a recall can be multiple and can often present a real health risk for consumers. This is all the more true when fresh produce such as meat or cheese is involved.

But other less perishable foods can also present significant risks and thus be the victim of a recall procedure. This was the case, for example, a few months ago with chocolates from the Kinder brand. Occurring very shortly after the Buitoni pizza scandal, this case had a strong impact on public opinion. So much so that, with the end-of-year celebrations, some Kinder customers have turned their backs on the brand to which they are usually loyal.

Today it is a completely different product that is concerned since it is meat donuts from the brand Les Recettes de Maria. Indeed, the 400 g special oven carton on sale in the frozen aisle is now being recalled throughout France due to the presence of foreign bodies.

It is therefore strongly advised not to consume this product because it could cause external injuries. It is however possible to bring it back to a point of sale to obtain an exchange or a refund.

Here are the references of the product concerned:

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