Soaring energy prices, electricity in particular, have been in full swing for almost a year. Indeed, since last January, users of the electricity network throughout France have seen their bills increase by a total of 720 euros, as reported by Dé This dizzying rise, accompanied by endless galloping inflation, has dealt a blow to the purchasing power of the French.

Faced with these tenfold costs and the extremely serious impact they have for the most modest households, the government implemented last August a legislative package called “for purchasing power”. Included in this package were a number of aids, including energy expenditure. In particular, a tariff shield for electricity and gas governed the increase in tariffs. This shield is renewed in 2023, but will be far from being as effective in reducing French bills.

Indeed, the price shield in place until then limited the price increase to 4%! Its renewal for 2023, adopted as part of the Finance Bill for 2023, will however be done under other conditions, much less advantageous for network users. And for good reason: the new year’s price shield will increase the price increase to 15%. We will therefore witness yet another increase on January 1, 2023, the impact of which is likely to be felt bitterly in the bills.

This 15% increase will lead to significantly different increases in household electricity bills from one household to another, depending on their use of this energy. Overall, the increase should be around 20 euros per month for everyone. This obviously only applies to network users subscribing to a contract at the regulated rate. The others will be at the mercy of market price increases, changing daily.