2 cents, 50 cents, 1 euro… You don’t know what to do with the coins that accumulate in your wallet? If Planet has already shared several tips for you to get rid of it, note that it is also possible that a real treasure has been abandoned for months already in the pocket of your entrance. Indeed, some seemingly ordinary coins are worth a fortune in the eyes of numismatists, who are willing to spend a fortune to add them to their collection.

To determine the value of a coin, several elements must be taken into account:

Naturally, and like many other collectibles, coins increase in value over time. According to the auction site Catawiki, the value of a coin can increase by up to 220% over a period of ten years. In 2023, therefore, it is the models minted in 2003 that will have to be scrutinized carefully! In our slideshow below, discover the coins dated this year that are worth the most, and which, therefore, could increase in value in 2023. The information provided is based on estimates from Info Collection, a site specializing in numismatics.