There are twelve of them, and each has its own characteristics. These are the signs of the zodiac. Determined by date of birth, they hover over each and every one of us.

Leo, Taurus or Capricorn, each of these signs has a different character and it is true that some seem easier to live with than others. Some are liars, others are lazy or even unfaithful. However, as Philippe Sonneville, founder of the Cré’Astro website, reminds us, “each of the signs has a bright side and a darker side”.

Thus, it is always important to nuance and not see the world in a binary way. Although it is true that some signs are more compatible with each other while others tend to hate each other more because of their different personalities.

“Above all, we must not go into the Machiavellian ways where there is good on one side and evil on the other. Life is not that. Light and shadow coexist”, clarifies the ‘astrologer.

Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, there are some who are often singled out for their difficult character. They are reputed to be the worst zodiac signs because their personalities are less popular and their positive side is often overshadowed.

Thus, it is possible to draw a portrait of the most poorly known astrological signs. Discover in our slideshow the 5 that are often hated, with explanations from Philippe Sonneville.