The subject has been hot for almost two weeks now. In the four corners of France, it is the turmoil for motorists who are trying, in vain, to fill their tanks. In question: a major strike in several refineries of the TotalEnergies group, in particular. Service stations are hardly supplied: some are even completely dry.

Friday, October 14, 28.5% of service stations were “out of at least one product” and “in difficulty”, according to the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. And in some regions, this percentage explodes even more, up to 75%.

However, the government has wanted to be reassuring since the start of the crisis.

During his televised address on Wednesday evening, in the new political program of France 2, L’Evènement, President Emmanuel Macron even ensured a return to normal “during the coming week”.

On Friday, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne noted for her part “signs of improvement” in the depots, thanks, in particular, to the release of strategic stocks and several requisitions. But what is it really? And above all, how is the situation likely to evolve in the coming days, when the strike has just been renewed and a “black Tuesday” of mobilization is looming?

Can we really hope for a return to normal in the coming days, or will we have to wait several more weeks? Industry players are far from optimistic. In the following slideshow, discover their forecasts and what awaits you, point by point, for the days to come.