Discreet in the media for a few years, Marlène Mourreau became known in the early 1990s as the presenter of the erotic show Venus, broadcast on M6. With this notoriety, she was noticed by the journalist Philippe Bouvard who offered her to join his show Les Grosses Têtes on TF1 in 1993. An experience that marked the former television host, as she said in an interview. granted to Gala in 2021.

“When I was doing Les Grosses Têtes with Philippe Bouvard. It allowed me to get to know Patrick Sébastien and we did a lot of shows together. It was even he who pushed me to run for president in 1995”, she said. An experience that ended in 1994. “We were fired from TF1. He ended up on France 2 and I on Spanish TV. It’s a shame because politicians have the right to poke their noses into the world of the media , but the reverse is not allowed“, she explained.

Since then, Marlène Mourreau has found success on the other side of the border, in Spain. Country which allowed her to present several programs and to become an actress. “The French like to think that people succeed thanks to their physique. But if I’m here 30 years later, it’s good that I have a talent”, she explained and continued: “In Spain, I I’ve played in series, not in France, where we stop at my physique. I’ve always been disappointed to be reduced to a physique because I can do a lot of things”.

Mother of a boy named Gabriel, the former French host is still very close to her French and Spanish fans. On the web, it is even followed by more than 200,000 Internet users. On the occasion of her birthday, Planet invites you to discover all the times she has raised the temperature throughout her career.