After a relatively mild start to autumn, winter temperatures are about to make a comeback. For good reason: the weather season, unlike the calendar winter, begins on December 1. From next week, therefore, you will have to cover yourself accordingly: the mornings will be very cold. Negative temperatures are even expected in some departments.

“The drop in temperatures seems to be confirmed for next weekend. This global evolution, of which we estimate the reliability at 60%”, explains the forecaster Régis Crépet on the site of the Weather Channel.

From Monday, the mercury should begin its vertiginous fall. In the afternoon, it will be 9°C in Paris and Montpellier, and 6°C in Aurillac, according to Météo France forecasts. On Tuesday November 30, temperatures will only exceed 10°C in Marseille.

But it is Wednesday, November 30, which should be particularly cool, with a risk of morning frosts in several regions.

And that will only be the beginning, according to meteorologists. “Cold, dry air should arrive in our country between December 1 and 4,” notes the Weather Channel, which also announces that “temperatures would fall 5 to 8°C below seasonal averages”.

Snow, at low altitude, is even to be expected.

Overall, it is therefore a fairly cold month of December that seems to be in store for us, “possibly slightly below seasonal averages”, specifies the site.

Where will it be the coldest? Discover in our slideshow the 11 departments where the mercury will drop below 0°C on Wednesday morning (according to Météo France forecasts for November 25 at 11 a.m.)