On April 15, 2023, the singer Liane Foly was the guest of Déborah Grunwald in the program Dans le Rétro du France Bleu on the occasion of the promotion of her show La folie repart en thèse. Without waffling, the 60-year-old artist spoke of the time she went to the pool table to have her nose redone. An aesthetic operation carried out in 1997.

“I’ve always said what I was doing. On the other hand, I’ve never had a facelift. Everyone thinks I’ve had five or six and no. When I had nose surgery, it is something that was terrible because people talked more about my nose, about my operation than about the magnificent album I made at the time,” she said.

A desire to change the nose that has allowed Liane Foly to flourish in his career and his private life. “It’s really a desire because when I started in this environment, I saw myself in photos, on TV, it bothered me a little this rather hooked nose. I did not hesitate, I did it , but long after the start, I did it in 1997, so definitely ten years already. Me personally, it didn’t cause me any problem, it was the others who bothered me with it (…) I have no problem, others will always find something to say. When you get older, you say to yourself: ‘I didn’t have the maturity maybe to accept myself as I was and to like that nose. ‘Today, with my path, everything I’ve done, I might not do it again,’ she told our colleagues.

Planet invites you to discover the before/after photos of its aesthetic operation in our slideshow.