In a documentary slated to premiere in the fall, comedian and host Phil Roy explores a sensitive topic that has “been with him for a long time”: eating disorders.

Crave made the announcement Thursday, on the eve of World Eating Disorder Awareness Day.

“It comes from something that has been with me for a long time. Me, in my life, I have already weighed 310 pounds, ”said Phil Roy this week on the program The fabulous spring of Marie-Lyne, in Noovo.

Entitled The Weight of Appearance, the documentary presents the personal approach of Phil Roy, who will meet psychologists, nutritionists, athletes and other stakeholders. The comedian will also talk about it with his mother.

Its mission: to understand how eating disorders take shape, how to protect against them, how to help, and what to do, as a society, to change it. According to him, the project will speak to many people. The weight of the appearance will be featured on video-on-demand service Crave.