Early career, Les Tuche, private life… The secrets of Jean-Paul Rouve


Do you really know? Before becoming a figure in popular comedy, the actor from Dunkirk was a young disc jockey for Radio Corsaire before learning the theater during his schooling. With his baccalaureate diploma in hand, the Northerner studied information and communication sciences in Lille.

Asked by Le Parisien, the founder of the Robins des Bois troupe returned to his artistic training. “It’s true that I started barely ten years ago, after taking classes at the Nord-Pas-de-Calais drama center, those of Isabelle Nanty and Cours Florent. Then everything went smoothly. packed thanks to the Robins des Bois, which allowed us to be seen and claimed by directors”, he explained to our colleagues in 2002.

A complete training which notably allowed him to be noticed by the Belgian filmmaker Pierre Joassin, thus offering him his first role in a fiction. “My first scene was horrible. I had to kiss Marina Golovin on the neck and caress her breasts!”, He remembers with humor in an interview with Studio CinéLive.

In the 1990s, the actor was revealed on the small screen in Julie Lescaut for several seasons on TF1, before leaving the series in 1999. “For three years, I played Brigadier Léveil, a nice supporting role that I I stopped three years ago because I had gone around it and because, with the Robins des Bois troupe, we were requested by the Comédie channel!”, he confided at the time to Parisian, before make the good hours of the Canal group with its band.

A key actor in the seventh art, Jean-Paul Rouve has played many characters on screen, achieving great success with the public. Among his notable roles, we retain the collaborator Pierre-Jean Lamour in Monsieur Batignole (winning the César for best male hope in 2003), the look-alike of Michel Polnareff in Podium (2004) or that of the director of a summer camp overwhelmed by the events in Our Happy Days (2006).

However, it is his role as a father pretending to the famous relics in the Les Tuche saga that will confirm his success in the cinema. An atypical sibling from Bouzolles, inspired by the Belgian De Becker family, seen in a report from the program Strip-tease broadcast on France 3. “It’s a mess indeed. It’s a bit of a mess, it’s noise, it moves. But at least it lives and it loves. And I think that was the great lesson of this documentary that we really transposed into the Tuche script”, explained its director Oliver Barroux.

To embody Jeff Tuche, actor Jean-Paul Rouve would be inspired by one of his characters played in his sketches with the Robins des Bois, but also by his childhood in Dunkirk. “When I was little I heard this accent around me”, confided the fifty-year-old on Canal .

On the private side, Jean-Paul Rouve is very discreet about his love life. We only know that the actor dated the novelist Bénédicte Martin for several years. From their union was born in 2007 their only son Clotaire, who made a short appearance in Burger Quiz (hosted on occasion by his father) on TMC in 2019.

Since their separation, his ex-girlfriend has confided in her role as a difficult mother for her, at the Gonzai site. “I never recognized myself in discussions between mothers or parent-teacher meetings. This role of mother does not come naturally to me. And yet, I am interested in questioning myself about what I can pass on to her despite this difficulty. effective in the transmission, so to write about it”, admitted the journalist and writer in 2018.

Before confiding in a literary project that would make sense of his experience. “My next book will focus on the difficulty I have in having a son when the world of boys is quite unknown to me. […] I would undoubtedly have found it easier to raise a girl, a boy, it disturbs me”, specifies the novelist in her forties.