Additional names are expected to be added to the group’s COVID-19 protocol list besides the 14 who appeared on Saturday.

Some players are symptomatic, and according to a number of sources there are a few who are in”rough shape.” One Canucks player told ESPN he had not heard from a group representative about any players going into the hospital, but he’d heard of teammates getting IV treatments for severe dehydration, presumably in their houses. A source told ESPN that at least three Canucks coaches have tested positive for the virus as well. Additionally, many family members of all players have tested positive and are experiencing symptoms, according to sources.

“Fatigue, dehydration, the symptoms are extreme,” one representative of a Canucks player told ESPN. “It has knocked a great deal of men out. Some can not even escape bed.”

A source confirmed to ESPN on Saturday night the more infectious P.1 variant of COVID-19, which was first discovered in Brazil, has been found among several of the cases impacting the Canucks, the first known cases of the new variant among NHL teams annually. This news was first reported by Canada’s Postmedia. The Vancouver region has recently become a hotspot for the P.1 version.

The NHL had originally planned on shutting the Canucks’ clinic facility until at least April 6 with the team returning to action on April 8. However those dates are anticipated to be pushed back, as this is the worst outbreak for a team in the NHL this season. The NHL is hopeful that the Canucks are going to be able to resume play this season, though conclusions will be made on scheduling within the next few days, as more information is gleaned about the way that gamers are recovering.

On Saturday, the NHL and NHLPA circulated memos to groups reminding them to remain”vigilant” and also to adhere to the guidelines agreed to for this season — such as wearing masks, even if people have been vaccinated, and not likely to restaurants. Coaches were reminded to not pull their masks down to talk to officials or players on the chairs during games, which is now common practice in the NHL this year.

The Canucks would be the 2nd Canadian-based group to have COVID-19 problems. The NHL has now postponed 45 games due to COVID-19, though the first 37 postponements were for United States-based teams.

For Vancouver, the issue began on Tuesday when Adam Gaudette was pulled from practice following a positive test result, which was confirmed positive later that day. Travis Hamonic joined Gaudette about the protocol list on Thursday. Gaudette’s wife, Micaela, tweeted Thursday:”My hubby isn’t in great shape but I’m taking great care of him!”

Micaela Gaudette also tweeted:”A human being becomes ill with a virus we do not know a lot about andy’are mad at him because you can not watch a hockey game.”