The Livret A is one of the essential savings for French women and men. It is, by far, one of the favorite investments of savers. Although it is probably not the best product today, it is nonetheless particularly important in the composition of the assets of most of them: they are 55 million to hold one, informs Les Echoes on his site. So many people who have, most likely, rubbed their hands when they learned that, due to the inflation that has been raging in France for many weeks already.

In fact, however, despite its revaluation, the Livret A is not a particularly profitable investment. On the contrary even, informs 20 minutes, which gives the floor to Thomas Perret, founder of the fintech Mon Petit Placement: “The delta between this new rate of the livret A at 2% and the inflation rate at 5.8% further a purchase loss of nearly 3.8% if the French leave all their savings in this savings account”.

A question then remains: how much can you put on a Livret A… and how much should you put, exactly?

The ceiling of the livret A, as applied in 2022, amounts to 22,950 euros. It is the same as since January 1, 2013, indicates the specialized site Tout sur mes finances. It is not possible to deposit more than this sum, but the interest allows the product to accommodate more.

The Livret A, underlines MoneyVox, constitutes a precautionary savings. Therefore, the amount that should be kept on it generally corresponds to two or three months of income, not necessarily more. In a period of non-endemic inflation, as the economist Alexandre Delaigue recently explained in our columns, it does not seem necessary to opt for a drastic change in strategy.