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The cattle Ana Romero has died at his home in El Puerto de Santa María to 88 years of age. Its currency remains one of the bastions of encaste Santa Coloma, is a favorite of the fans more toristas.

The origin of the currency that bears his name is located at the end of the fifties of the last century, when her husband, Fernando Carrasco, formed the livestock with cows Alipio Pérez-Tabernero and stallions of Joaquin Buendia , that is to say, “santacoloma” pure ” on all four sides, after an unsuccessful experience with cattle from Pérez López de Tejada.

Since then, it has remained the encaste, which has given countless evenings of glory to the iron L , each time more appreciated, and that currently it is essential in the posters referred to as “hard”. Some years ago, takes the reins of the cattle raising your child Lucas Carrasco , who maintains the characteristics which have given fame to the currency of straw, and light blue. Despite its history, the cárdenos of Ana Romero, always demanding, with temperament and brave, took old Sales on August 12, 2018 in a novillada.