The authorities are constantly renewing themselves to find the best device to control your speed on the roads. The most widely used in France today is the “construction site” radar. Nevertheless, a Spanish competitor could soon emerge on French territory if it proves its effectiveness. Indeed, the “Velolaser” is a new car monitoring tool installed on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 in Spain.

According to information from Laurent Tessier, journalist for RTL, there are nearly 60 installed throughout the country, including 5 in Catalonia. This tool would allow the authorities to capture more offenses than with a conventional radar. The small newspaper reports that 43% of Spanish drivers admit to regularly exceeding the authorized speed limits. In France, the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory counts nearly 12.5 million speeding incidents recorded by automatic speed cameras in 2021. Nevertheless, the margins of error of these automatic systems remain present. What about the “Velolaser”?

Like the mobile radar, the “Velolaser” is difficult to spot on the roads. Thus, the Spaniards can be controlled without even realizing it. Indeed, RTL specifies that this new device is often hidden behind traffic signs. Its size also plays a role. The latter measures only 50 centimeters and weighs two kilograms. The Spanish authorities have therefore done everything to make it invisible to drivers.

The undetectability of this system is not the only reason for its implementation. More efficient, it can record nearly three violations per second in both directions of traffic at the same time. Moreover, this sensor has a vision that extends up to 1,500 meters with a lower margin of error than any radar. Indeed, for speed control, this margin is estimated at only 2km/h against 5km/h for the speed cameras set up in France. Nevertheless, no installation of this “Velolaser” is planned on our territory for the moment.