Nanoparticles: ham, soup, milk… 20 pinned everyday products


A worrying level of contamination. Are the products you use daily really safe? A survey published Thursday, December 15 by the Association for monitoring and civic information on the challenges of nanosciences and nanotechnologies (Avicenn), tells us that certain foods or household objects could be dangerous for our health. As explained by the Merci pour l’info site, its members have selected 23 products from different categories, ranging from food to paint and beauty, which contain nanoparticles whose dangers are known: titanium dioxide, iron, silica and silver oxides.

In its report, the association specifies that it was interested in products not labeled as containing nanoparticles, with the aim of “measuring the extent of the use of ‘off-radar’ nanos, in other words not visible to consumers”. Of the 23 products tested by the specialized laboratory, 20 contained nanoparticles: “We were surprised to discover nanosilica in food products without mention of silica or E551 in the list of ingredients”, indicates the association, wondering : “For what properties has it been integrated into these last two products?” The brands surveyed did not respond to their questions.

Are these products dangerous to health? The association specifies, quoted by Merci pour l’info, that “at this stage, it is still too early to assess the health and environmental risks associated with the identified nanos”. “It is difficult to know today precisely what risk generates daily and repeated exposure to these nanos”. You must have one of the products concerned in your cupboards and perhaps even use it every day. Check out the list below.