“It’s hard to learn to love. You feel like you’re cheating on your husband. You feel like you won’t be able to love again, that you won’t be able to. That another man touches you, that you can open your heart to another man, it seems so complicated, it’s dizzying because the lack remains abysmal.” These words are those of Læticia Hallyday who confided in October 2020 to Audrey Crespo-Mara in the program Seven to eight. If the former model has not forgotten her late husband, it seems that another man has managed to conquer the heart of the pretty blonde and soothe her pain.

After a relationship with restaurateur Pascal Balland, which some tabloids have described as a “dressing relationship”, Johnny’s widow seems to have found a taste for love with director and actor Jalil Lespert.

It was on Instagram that the latter formalized his relationship with Læticia Hallyday in December 2020. Since then, the couple, who would have had their initials tattooed on their wrists in Italy, regularly share their romance with their subscribers on social networks.

Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, the two lovebirds never miss an opportunity to show their love when they moved in together last month in a villa in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles.

A relationship that seems to delight fans of Laeticia Hallyday as evidenced by the reactions of its subscribers: “Very happy to see your smile, you must never lose hope, believe in love. Enjoy every precious moment”, writes a user while another adds: “Be happy Læticia, we love you so much. Your happiness makes us so happy.” However, some fans of the rocker do not approve of this new union and do not hesitate to let it be known in the comments of the pictures of the widow of Johnny and his new companion. “Poor Johnny, he must be rolling over in his grave”, can we read, or even: “It’s sad to see a man other than Johnny, it’s weird!” Words that do not seem to tarnish the relationship between Læticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert who still appear as lovers and accomplices.

In an interview granted to the Parisian on September 12, 2021, Laeticia Hallyday once again confided in her romance with the director. “I’m not rebuilding my life but continuing it. Jalil, it’s a really unexpected and wonderful encounter. It started in a bit of an old-fashioned, epistolary way, in the summer of 2020, through correspondence on Instagram. We began to exchange on our children, on the family, on our values”, she declared and to confide on the rumors of marriage: “He is of infinite benevolence and don’t try to project yourself too quickly, which calms me down. We’re starting to live together in Los Angeles. But I’ve heard of marriage with him, there’s no question of it. At least not for moment. I’m not ready. I don’t think I’ll ever remarry…”.