for a long time Already, Berlin is the city in Germany, the Rents are rising the most. Now, with the Left and the Green’s ruling social Democrats are considering a radical step to change this: you propose a national Rent cap.

Hendrik Wieduwilt

editor of the economy in Berlin, is responsible for “law and taxes”.

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Julia Löhr

business correspondent in Berlin.

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“the goal should be to keep the average net cold rent for about 6 to 7 euros,” writes the member of the Bundestag and parliamentary group Deputy chair Eva Högl, together with two Co-authors in a guest post in the “daily mirror”. To apply the Rent cap for all housing in the downtown area, what would correspond according to the authors, 40 percent of Berlin’s rental market. The upper limit should apply to both existing as well as new – letting rents.

Currently, the Rent in Altverträgen are, according to the Berlin tenants Association – from the simple prefabricated building to the renovated old building – with an average of 7 to 8 Euro. In new contracts, 9 to 11 Euro in the cut usual.

more Effective than Rent control

The move is also interesting, because Högl is regarded as a possible successor of Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), if this is after the European elections in Brussels. Specifically, Högl and your party colleagues Julian Zado and Kilian Wegner want to build on those regulation in the post-war period in many German cities, in West Berlin for old buildings, even up to the year 1988.

at the Time, the district offices would have led, in view of the many destroyed buildings and the resulting housing shortage ever book about how the rent was developing for a specific apartment.

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the increases have required the consent of the Offices. Was abolished in this scheme in Berlin at a time when it is no longer a housing shortage, but even vacancy. In addition, the policy had noted that the landlord renovated there is little. Nevertheless, some in the Berlin SPD, the abolition of today is a mistake.

on the Federal level, to pressure the social Democrats introduced in the rental price brake is deemed to be largely ineffective. It applies only to existing buildings and for new buildings – there is a difference, the Berlin SPD is not in your paper. “A courageous action of the government coalition, provided it could be implemented in the hire cover is still in this legislative period,” the authors write. In Berlin, 2021 will be re-elected.

more presentable socialism

Högl is based on the essay of a former specialist lawyer who works in the Berlin administration. Peter Weber wrote in the “legal newspaper”, he does not think that a Rent cap for is possible, since the countries are likely to since the federalism reform of 2006, the “housing” to take care of.