In the story of his Instagram account on March 16, 2023, former tennis player Yannick Noah revealed that he had been hospitalized on his return from French Polynesia. What happened ? He revealed bluntly the causes of his hospitalization. “Nice malaria crisis to celebrate the return,” he explained.

A disease, caused by parasites, which can cause fever, headache and muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea and cough. This is a relapse for the former athlete who became, on the death of his father, chief of his village in Cameroon.

It was in June 2022 that Yannick Noah had contracted malaria. “It’s better !! Thank you doc ​​Bernard M.. back to work ! I hope there will be no relapse… malaria…”, he wrote on his social networks.

Eldest son of the famous clan born in 1985 in New York, Joakim Noah is the fruit of the union between the last French winner of Roland Garros and the former Miss Sweden Cecilia Rhode. Like his father, who had a career in sports, he played basketball with the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers. In March 2021, the father of a little girl (born from a previous union in 2016) announced his retirement from sport.

From his first union with the Swedish model, Yannick Noah is also the father of a daughter named Yelena, born in 1987. Following in the footsteps of her illustrious mother in fashion, she became a jewelry designer before experiencing the joys of motherhood with the birth of her son in 2017. Together, mother and son forge a beautiful bond and the singer’s eldest daughter shares many photos on her Instagram account.

After his divorce from his first wife, Yannick Noah is once again swimming in happiness with another model, Heather Stewart-Whyte. From this second marriage in 1995, the ex-tennis player welcomes with his wife their two daughters Eleejah (1996) and Jenaye (1997). Two young mixed-race women who each trace their own path, one in comedy and the other towards modeling, not hesitating to also share their daily lives on the web.

Following his second divorce, Yannick Noah began a relationship with producer Isabelle Camus. Together, they welcome his fifth child Joalukas born in 2004. If the ex-mentor of the Blues is now separated from the mother of his son, he says he wants to spend as much time as possible with his children so as not to make the same mistakes again. past.

“We realize that time is passing, that we missed so-and-so’s communion, that we weren’t there for someone else’s first tooth. I wanted to be a little more present, to be closer to mine. And, therefore, I have four who are grown up and live their lives very well, they are happy, knock on wood”, he confided on RTL in 2019, according to Gala , adding about his son. “I wanted to spend precious time. For me, precious time means having breakfast together, being able to play a game of Uno from time to time”. Here’s what Yannick Noah’s five children look like today, with a selection of their family photos on Instagram.