Orienteering time has come for the finalists. This Tuesday, June 6, 2023 is broadcast the penultimate episode of Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire, hosted by Denis Brogniart on TF1. A part during which the last four survivors, Frédéric, Julie, Nicolas and Tania, compete in this cult test of the game that appeared in the third season.

A little reminder: the candidates have the mission to find one of the three daggers hidden in the jungle. To do this, they will each have to find a geographical element around which is hidden a beacon, indicating a number of steps to take by following one of the cardinal points (symbolized by a color) of their compass. At the end of this grueling quest, they will be able to find the precious object allowing them to qualify for the test of the posts.

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A breathless and long-term test which each year reserves its share of twists and turns for the candidates. The latter will not be spared in their efforts, especially since the weather, the heat and the vegetation will not make their task easier. It is not the former candidates who will say the opposite.

During the orientation test, several adventurers more or less shone in this race to qualify for the posts. Be careful not to lose the north with the compass… In 2020, on Koh-Lanta, Les 4 Terres, Dorian Louvet suffered a bitter setback after getting lost in the jungle for several hours.

“At the end, I was a wandering zombie. I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore”, evokes the unfortunate candidate with the Parisian, but relieved when the referee and host Denis Brogniart sounded the end of the game. ” It was finally over. I could have stayed 20 hours in the forest without finding anything. Even a nose in the middle of my face, I wouldn’t have seen it!”.

For other, luckier candidates, they let their joy burst… Even to imitate an animal or sketch a few dance steps, transcended by their victory. Will the four finalists of Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire have the same luck? Before knowing the result, Planet looks back in pictures on five highlights of the orientation test.