In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

the Poles were the last day in Brugge, the train has picked up with the theft of an electric bike, after the day already been released by the police. The men were taken earlier in the evening, found in suspicious circumstances with an angle grinder, and a screwdriver in his pocket. Because she’s not a robbery, could be connected, if they are available. But, on the way to the police station, to the station, killed the thieves one.

As for the suspects, and the train from Brussels to Knokke and had traveled extensively decided to work with the duo to get back into the jungle to track down, but not before a bike is to steal it. The owner did a report of the theft, and the cops put the link of the battery that the test had been. So, the bike could quickly be recovered. The judge has let free the two men from 38 to 25 years old held on suspicion of the theft of the bicycle.